Target for Ankara-Samsun railway line 2017

The Ankara-Samsun railway line project, which includes the target 2017: Çorum for the Ankara-Samsun railway line, is expected to turn into investment as of 2017.
Ankara-Samsun railway line project, which includes Çorum, is expected to turn into investment as of 2017.
Governor Ahmet Kara, who made explanations about the railway project published in the Official Gazette, said, “The project for the train line was completed.
Ahmet Kara said there had been a problem with the Organized Industrial Zone on the route passing through Çorum and that the project had not been entered into the investment stage yet.
Çorumlu proxies in the project in the 2017 in the effort to take part in the effort to explain Kara, Ankra'dan Samsun, both high-speed train and freight train line will be put into service said.
Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, first to complete the Yozgat-Sivas line, then to Erzincan to take a high-speed train voicing plans to Kara, "Our Minister is extending weight even to Sivas, so he gives weight," he said.

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