Germans Fair is coming to Izmir with two big fairs

The Germans are coming to the Fair Izmir, two major fairs: Turkey's new exhibition center "Fair Izmir" to enlarge their target along Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2016 years will be held in shook hands with Messe Stuttgart of Germany's major exhibition company for two major events. Turkey's most comprehensive and Europe's second largest trade fair Kliterm Ibatech with which the world known to be held in Izmir in December Messe Stuttgart, 55 shows multiple activities in the country.
After the opening of the fair in Izmir, especially in the world fairs of the Germans who have a great deal of interest in the metropolitan municipality of Izmir, for some time after the bilateral negotiations at the end of the first deal with foreigners.
It offers own resources with services of Turkey's largest and most qualified exhibition facility metropolitan maintain their international initiatives to enlarge Fair Izmir Municipality exhibition company İZFAŞ, Germany's powerful exhibition company Messe Stuttgart Ares signed a protocol for 2 international trade fairs with Fair . Aiming to perform some fairs have become brands on the World's Fair in Izmir, Messe Stuttgart this as the first step in Turkey's most comprehensive and world-renowned Kliterm fairs with Europe's second largest trade fair Ibatech in December this year will be held at the fair in Izmir.
55 operates in the country
At the same time, the fair will be organized by the German Messe Stuttgart at the Fair - Izmir - International Bread, Pastry Machines, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Technologies Fair, bread, pastry machines, coffee and coffee machines, chocolate and equipment, ice cream, ice cream machines, packaging. machinery, hotel, cafe-bar will include kitchen equipment, chillers, frozen products. Heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation products will be exhibited at Kliterm İzmir - Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Fair.
In the signing ceremony of the protocol held in Stuttgart, Germany, Gül Şener, Executive Director of İZFAŞ, Hasan Tunçağ, Assistant General Manager of İZFAŞ, Bernd Autenrieth, Head of the Corporate Development Department of Messe Stuttgart Simone Bandle Enslin, Project Manager of Messe Stuttgart Messe Stuttgart Ares Fairs Deputy General Manager Ufuk Altintop attended. Messe Stuttgart, an annual fair organization of 75, operates in 55 countries, including the USA and China.
Germans Fair Izmir interest
With the aim of increasing the exhibition at 2016 in 13 with a target of% XNUMX, the General Directorate of İZFAŞ, which has established serious connections at home and abroad for new fairs, has started a close dialogue with the big companies in Europe within the framework of the contacts it has intensified for a while and applied ılığı close marking X to organize new fairs under the fair in İzmir. .
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who was the Minister of Economy of Lower Saxony, Germany, which is one of the leading regions of the world fair sector in the recent months, hosted the Bavarian Committee, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Messe München, one of the world's most important fair companies, the most important exhibition companies in the world Messe München GmbH (Munich International Fair). Wolf had a meeting with Dietrich Müller. Now the eyes are turned into Messe München after Messe Stuttgart made an agreement with İZFAŞ. Dr. Müller said in a meeting with Mayor Kocaoğlu, “The new fairground really attracts a lot of attention. The view and architecture are also very impressive. We would like to kindly contact you at a suitable specialist fair Uygun.

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