From the Mayor of Alanya

The Mayor of Alanya, the Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel said that since the day he took office, they have been working on the Teleferics Project and that they have completed the shortcomings of the project.

Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, made a statement on the agenda after the meeting. Yücel, which provides information about the works and projects of the Municipality, prepared the infrastructure of the Teleferik and Solar Power Plant Project, completed the deficiencies and no longer remained in place to implement projects. Yücel noted that they came to the final point in the ropeway project and they only expected the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. by revising, taking the opinion of the Preservation of the Natural Assets Protection Board and working with 18 for years in consultation with the Ministry.

President Yücel stated that they will send the project to the related ministry in the following week. Next week, we will send the project to the Ministry again by receiving a review from the Conservation Board. After the approval of the ministry, I hope that this August we will get together on the ropeway. I thank everyone who contributed. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is our Minister. I would like to thank our Minister for their support in speeding up the project. Proj

The Mayor of Alanya Yücel stated that they have reached the final stage in the planning works as the product of 1.5 annual work at the Solar Power Plant and said m We have applied to EMRA and TEDAŞ completely. The rest of the projects were also completed. We are planning to receive all of the approvals in February and to go to tender at the latest in March. 6 will have implemented the project in months or months before this time. This project is a project of Alanya Municipality and Alanya people. With this project, Alanya will realize a militia. Our project is the biggest project in public institutions. With the Solar Power Plant, Alanya Municipality will be a municipality. Güneş

Mayor of Alanya Yücel, Avsallar District court decision made due to the decision of the development of the reconstruction of the case was given. Yücel said that the court decisions regarding the planning of the region ended in favor of the municipality. Leh Decisions came to our municipality. Tourism companies, contractors and the people of the region were opened. Our Directorate of Reconstruction will immediately solve the accumulated problems. Avsallar people will continue to receive residency, license and construction licenses. Avsallar people, the people of the region get auspicious. Av

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