All Infrastructure Renewed on Akçaray Tram Route

The Entire Infrastructure is Renewed on the Akçaray Tram Route. The infrastructure of the Akçaray Tramway Project, which will take a break in transportation to Kocaeli, is carried out from three different points with 3 separate teams.
During the Yahya Captain stage of the project, the construction of the infrastructure at Hanlı street, Salkım Söğüt Street and the infrastructure at Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl Street were started. With the completion of the works that will change all the infrastructure for a long time, the tram line excavation will be started and the rails will be laid.
Work continues at full speed in the Tramway Project, which Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented and will ease the transportation network of the city. In the giant project that will meet an important need of the city, the infrastructure productions at the points where the line will pass are completed one by one. In this context, all rainwater, sewage, drinking water, telecom, fiber and natural gas infrastructures serving the region are renewed. With the renewal of the manufactures in the Yahya Kaptan region, which covers the starting point of the project, the lines are provided to serve citizens for many years.
The works started in Salkım Söğüt Street with Hanlı street and continue in Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl Street. Infrastructure works are carried out with a separate team 3, is intended to be completed on time. Alternative routes are created to prevent citizens from being affected. In this direction, planning is made in order to protect the current traffic flow on the streets of Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl.
The works at Yahya Kaptan, which is in the first phase of the Tramway Project, are planned to be completed by February 29, depending on the weather conditions. With the completion of the infrastructure productions, the tram superstructure production will be started at the beginning of February. Thus, the teams will make the first rail assembly in early February in the construction ongoing in the Yahya Kaptan area. Pre-assembly preparations of the rails are made in the tram depot area.

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