Tram in Izmir after METRO struck shopkeepers

Tram in Izmir after METRO hit the shopkeepers: the traffic congestion of the trams that turn the traffic of the biggest blow to the shopkeepers Bostanlı hit. Cengiz Topel Street tradesmen who lost their customers because of the work began to close the shutters. Many businesses found it difficult to pay the rent for high shops ük
Construction started by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality last year Karşıyaka Tram, Bostanlı Cengiz Topel Street trades hit. For months, the roads closed to traffic because of longing for the customer trades, began to lower the shutters. While the owners say that 60 turnover is down and they are unable to pay rents, some places have hanged signs for sale or rent. In the meantime, many homeowners sitting on the street began to sell his house and settle in other districts. The rents of workplaces in Bostanlı vary between 10 thousand pounds and 25 thousand pounds according to the size. However, due to prolonged and months of work, trades cannot pay these rents. Many trades are forced to take out staff in order to pay rents.
Famous brands left
Some well-known brands who could not do business due to tram works also started to leave Cengiz Topel Street. Turkey's branches in many parts of the international restaurant chain recently closed its restaurant here. Stating that the winter works not affected during the summer had a negative impact on themselves, the trades said, gel Our main business season is winter. Because, in summer, everyone's going on vacation. If the tramway work had been done in summer, it had been completed so far. But, we are experiencing great victimization right now, Ama he said. Cengiz Topel Street instead of entering the line to go from the side of Bostanlı Besikcioglu Mosque stating that the craftsmen, esn But there is the municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality Yasemin Café chose to spend the line here. If he had gone along the beach neither the traffic, neither the pedestrians nor the shopkeepers like us would have been victimized. Sahil
'Both tradesmen and citizens are victims'
Mesut Güleroğlu, the President of the Chamber of Realtors of Izmir, said: yer Due to the studies, some of the workplaces in Bostanlı, which is among the most luxurious districts of İzmir, cannot even remove the rent and close their shops. The roads were closed to traffic and the circulation was also reduced. In this case, tradesmen have difficulty in standing. Bu
What did they say?
Coffee Mania-Ahmet Altun: It was a big blow to us for months because of the tram. Customers here usually come with their vehicles. But no one comes because the road is closed to traffic. There is a 60 drop in turnover. We had to lay off the 12. Victims of all trades. Even the great famous brands have left.
Black Jack-İsmail Daşyaka: Our business season is the winter season. We wanted the work to end in summer. Our winter season was interrupted. Not a wholesaler. Customers cannot come with their vehicles. Roads in mud. We have a lot of damage.
Mavra Restaurant-Görkem Özer: It was very unnecessary for the tram to pass through Cengiz Topel Street. Normally Bostanlı Besikcioglu Mosque could come out to the coast. Traffic was here at the top. We lost our customers. We can't pay our rents. Even the famous brands are closing. We're in a difficult situation.

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