Vatmana got angry and stood in front of the tram (Video)

Vatmana stood in front of the tram when he got angry: In Gaziantep, a citizen who was frustrated by the honking of the vat during the crossing of the tram line showed a reaction to Vatman. The discussion that caused the stop of the tram stop ended when an old man intervened.
According to information obtained, 25 December State Hospital from the bus stop to the intersection of the pool from the bus, running across the rails to warn a citizen trying to cross the road. Angry with the attitude of the patriarch and the name of the tram, stopping the tram stopped the citizen. An angry citizen who shouted at Vatmana and asked him to open the doors to come down was tried to be calm by an intervening old man. Vatmana threatening and insulting the person, then the old man by the rails were removed again.
The old man, by the way, hitting the glass of the tramway to mark the road to continue to lead to interesting images.



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