Current situation in Trabzon ropeway project

Current situation in Trabzon ropeway project: Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz shared the latest developments on the cable car project carried out by businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu in the Uzungöl neighborhood of Çaykara. Governor Öz, explained the reasons for the extension of the process.

Explaining the reasons for the prolongation of the process of the Governor Öz, yapım a period of transformation of the company that took a tender was due to a delay of about a year, construction decision was made with another partner at the end of a year, then the development plan was passed. There were a few obstacles in the process of development. Someone had an arrangement made there by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. There are things to pass through the National Parks. There was a discrepancy between the foresight written in the tender specifications and the foresight that the company offered. Hence, these arrivals were very much. Hence, we have written several times in person and taking these obligations on us, we tried to overcome the problem by saying u We will overcome that problem Dolayısıyla.

And finally the latest National Parks General Directorate received the positive opinion also came to the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. It is a very close work, but it takes a long time to get opinions from each of them when different institutions are involved. We're at the end. Besides, we have two separate lifts. One of the municipality works on a ropeway in Uzungol to Karester Plateau and the issue of Sumela Ropeway was handed over to our Metropolitan Municipality. We hope that the Metropolitan Municipality will be auctioned as soon as possible Büy

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