Eyes for TÜVASAŞ 14 in January

TÜVASAŞ for the eyes 14 ocak'ta.türki wagon, which will be high school graduates to be curious about 27 industrial applications for permanent workers while the number of applications to be made outside of Sakarya. This is the deadline for applications 13 will appear one day after January
Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. Headquarters in position for receiving a total permanent workers 27 people had made the announcement in December. Secondary education will take place according to the results of the recruitment KPSS, ie at the high school level and for the 5 separate section to be held. KPSS score is at least 60 and Sakarya in the case of applications that need to sit, Sakarya ISKUR or ISKUR web site is done through. The application deadline; 13 January announced as 2016.
One-week period
Seating condition is required for 27 workers to be taken to TÜVASAŞ. In other words, after the application date, the applications of those who are transferred to Sakarya will not be taken into consideration. However, due to the fact that State Planning has already made the announcement a week before the date of the announcement of the recruitment, those who have received their residence address in Sakarya within a week will be able to apply.
3 solid and terror victims of applications
The application will be made mainly for applications to be KPSS KPSS candidates will be examined and the applications of these candidates in each branch of the name of the candidate will be sent to the TÜVASAŞ for an oral exam. In total, 27 will send the list of permanent workers to ISVIR for an oral exam. ISKUR will send a list of about 81 people with victims of terrorism and victims of privatization
Lists in 14 January
Nowadays it is the curiosity of the residence in Sakarya where the applications are requested, the number of applications made from outside the province to enter TÜVASAŞ as a permanent.
It is known that a large number of people from outside Sakarya have taken the residence addresses to Sakarya in order to take the exam, as State Planning has announced that TÜVASAŞ will be recruiting workers one week before the start of the application.
Since the applications are made over the internet, the number of people in this situation will be revealed when the lists are sent to TÜVASAŞ one day after the 13 January date.

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