Davrazda Snow Thickness Reached 30 Centimeters

Davrazda Snow Thickness reached 30 Centimeters: At the highest peak of the Taurus Mountains, the snow thickness at Davraz Ski Center reached 30 centimeters.

Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir, AA correspondent, said two days of rainfall in the east of the city 2 635 30 altitude Davraz Ski Center in the snow thickness of XNUMX centimeters stating that they satisfied themselves, he said.

In the coming days, snow will increase the thickness of the significant amount of rainfall that they expect Özdemir, said they would open the weekend skiing season.

13 ski slope, 2 chairlift and a teleski with no problems in terms of transferring the transfer of Özdemir, all skiers Davraz'a invited to the weekend.


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