460 Million Euro Marmaray Trains are garbage

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

460 million euros Marmaray trains are garbage: 4 460 million euros 38 trains waiting to be idle in the Haydarpaşa Station for more than two years, appeared not to be used. Bulundu The electronic system of these trains will be garbage, isi said trade union representative Ersin Albuz.

Launched in 2004 Halkalı and a Gebze-based 76-based Marmaray project. 2013'den 13'den opened the section and 2015'de also fully promised to open Marmaray'ın 2018'de announced to end.

The fate of the 12 train, which has been held idle in the Haydarpaşa Train Station and cost approximately 38 million euros, was the subject of curiosity.


244 wagons with 10 meters, whose dimensions are 4 meters, were left idle in Haydarpaşa Station for years. Now, when the end date of the project is explained as 2018, trains 2 will be left to rot without being used throughout the year. The experts at the end of the year at the end of the 6 said that the electronic systems inside these trains would be trashed.


The scandals related to the project of the century, which has led to controversy with the lack of infrastructure since the day it came into service, do not stop. Turkey, 440 cars imported from South Korea, brought 2012 years in Turkey. 5 10 wagon train, 12 wagon train with 5 and 29 wagons, was put into service on 2013 October 38. However, the remaining 10 XNUMX wagon could not be used because it has not yet a suitable rail system.
United Transport Employees Syndicate Istanbul 1 Branch Press Release Secretary Attorney Ersin Albuz said that electronic systems in trains will go to the end of the year at the end of 6. Albuz said that the project was almost done with the logic of the caravan being stranded on the road.


Or Trains were received in 2012 and still not available. He'il wait till 2018 again. Mechanical parts are kept somehow, but there are electronic systems in these trains, it is very important. Inside it is the train, the 60 portion of the electronic devices up and down. They have transformer, air conditioners, electronic transformers with different train movement than the inverter convector. It's about electric motors. An 10 series train has an 24 electric motor. On the other hand, there are readers about the traffic system. These are very sensitive instruments. These are 6's going to waste in the end of the year. It's snowing on these trains, it's raining. How do you wait for 6-7 year to put your mobile phone home cep


Ersay Albuz stated that the waiting period will change from 4 to 10 minutes. In the scope of construction works of the trains, 8 will remain closed for months. Albuz said: eşme Normally the train was downloading the passenger at Ayrılıkçeşme stop. Then he was going against the scissors. This was the maneuver area used to change the line. The maneuvering area will close when construction starts. Trains won't cross over. There will be only one line between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar. This train will come back through the same line of future. The 4 can run a train every minute and the train cannot be run before the earliest 10 minutes, as the turn maneuver is closed. X


4 has been in the test stage of 10 series trains, which have been abandoned to rot in the Haydarpasa station for years, indicating that Ersin Albuz is still in the test phase. Because these trains will be equipped with communication equipment. Then he will enter the tests. Daha

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