44 has been paid to the annual railroad

44 was paid the annual debt of the railroad: TCDD'da served in many positions for many years, the last Department of Traffic Directorate of Traffic Business Branch Manager and 2015 in retirement due to the age limit in honor of Zeynel Ercivan 28.01.2016 in Ankara Tower Restaurant, the staff of the Traffic Department held a dinner meeting .
Mehmet Uras, Head of the Traffic Department, thanked for his service and the staff on his behalf and wished that he could lead a healthy life.

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  1. railroaders, institutions and work very loving, meritorious, altruistic, and obedient staff. This meal is to be retired every time. Zeynel will retire with his retirement and the spirit of the remaining veterans will evaluate the time. Zeynel, 30 years in the market can work more efficiently. TCDD authorities for some reason, retirees who don't remember the life of the institution, does not motivate, even to many For this reason, the top officials of the institution will not be asking them to call them when they leave the institution. Because of the fact that they are emekli mistaken arayan they cannot come back to the institution any more. We wish you a happy happy retirement life.