3. Bridge and 3. airport projects hit land prices

  1. Bridge and 3rd airport projects hit land prices: The 3rd bridge, which has become the number one rent region in Istanbul, and the land prices near the 3rd airport have increased at a record level. 504 square meter land is sold at 3 million 500 thousand liras in Arnavutköy Taşoluk. İMO President Cemal Gökçe said, “The development of the city as a healthy city was left aside, Istanbul ranta was handed over.” said.
    Zoned land prices in Istanbul reach million dollars. Prices vary according to criteria such as proximity to E-5, 3rd bridge and 3rd airport. The land of 128 thousand square meters in Zeytinburnu is offered for sale from 450 million dollars, and the land of 450 thousand square meters in Silivri is offered for sale from 165 million dollars.
    According to the announcements compiled by Cihan correspondent from real estate sites, 10 thousand square meters in Şişli costs 110 million dollars and 42 thousand 300 square meters in Sarıyer costs 100 million dollars. 737 million dollars for 65 thousand square meters in Esenyurt, 39 million dollars for 500 thousand 60 square meters in Bakırköy, 24 million dollars for 400 thousand 50 square meters in Bağcılar, and 24 million dollars for 918 thousand 35 square meters in Bahçelievler. 6 thousand square meters of land in Bağcılar can be purchased for 16 million 500 thousand dollars, 2 thousand 328 square meters of land in Kartal for 8 million 500 thousand dollars, and 16 thousand 89 square meters of land in Silivri for 8 million dollars.
  2. The regions close to the ongoing projects such as the bridge and the 3rd airport are expensive. The name of the new airport, Arnavutköy, is 61 thousand square meters in Yeniköy, 48 million 800 thousand liras, 164 thousand square meters in Hadımköy, 41 million liras in the center, 50 thousand square meters in the center, 12 million liras, 16 thousand 900 square meters in Baklalı village, 6 million. It is on sale in 760 thousand liras, 504 square meters in Tasoluk and 3 million 500 thousand liras. In Çatalca, whose name is mentioned with Kanal Istanbul, a land of 2 square meters is sold for 764 million 1 thousand liras. In Başakşehir Kayabaşı, 800 million 1 thousand 111 liras are paid for a thousand square meters.
    On the E-5 line, Avcılar meets its customers with 260 million 1 thousand liras of 330 square meters in Gümüşpala and 240 thousand liras of 770 square meters in Cihangir. Nizameddin Aşa, Head of Chamber of Tradesmen and Istanbul Real Estate Brokers and Consultants, points out that the land prices are gradually increasing. Asha explains this situation as follows:
    “The most important factor is that the land stock is running out or close to it. Investments such as the 3rd airport, the 3rd bridge, highways, connections, tube passage are moving the prices of the regions upwards. Because demand for the region is increasing, investments are increasing. Areas in regions such as Arnavutköy and Çatalca are in demand. Purchases started 1-2 years ago. The number of lands to be built on the E-5 line has also decreased. Currently, the cost of housing prices in the main arteries and central locations is due to the cost of the land. Now it is put up for sale in dollar and euro in land sales. ”


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