3. bridge railway connection auction will be held this year

  1. the tender for the bridge railway connection will be held this year: TCDD Deputy General Manager Murtazaoğlu: ih 3. a railway connection to the bridge is planned. Until the end of this year, the construction of a section of the construction tender project continues. We are trying to get out before the end of the year. Yıl
    9 organized by UniCredit Group. Speaking at the Turkey Murtazaoğlu Infrastructure Finance Meeting, all of the capital with three subsidiaries belonging to the railways as well as domestic and foreign partnership is also three, said that four of its subsidiaries. Murtazaoğlu emphasized that train operation is economical, safe and fast, and that cleaner energy is used here and costs other than operating costs are very low.
    Turkeyin the number of passengers and cargo per year 46 million people and 25 million tons of freight transfers Murtazaoğlu, said: "Germany, Italy and Spaineither we look at passengers and cargo in EuropeWe clearly see that we are far behind. Turkey12 kilometer rail road to a thousand square kilometers, Spainin 34 kilometers, Romania45 mile falls on the railroad. Our railway transport infrastructure must be developed. Railways continue to work hard to carry out the task given by the central authority. Therefore, investments in railways are increasing every year. While the investment in the total sector is 2003 billion pounds in 1,1, 2015 will be a billion pounds in 8,8. Toplam
    UM THE PERCENTAGE OF ANKARA-ESKİŞEHİR TRAVELWith SI YHT " Ismail Murtazaoğlu, Turkeystated that the railway infrastructure in need of development is in need of improvement. Murtazaoğlu reminded that they realized the first High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT) between Ankara and Eskişehir.The suburb of. 8 percent of the trip between these lines beforei performed with the train, this rate after high-speed train 72has risen to. There was no direct rail connection in Ankara-Konya line. But now the percentage of the trip is 66is performed with YHT. Ankara-Istanbul line is in PendikIt serves up to. İnşallah MarmarayIstanbul with the completion ofWhen we become fully operational, we will see that Ankara-Istanbul will take a significant portion of the passenger traffic. 3. a railway connection to the bridge is planned. Until the end of this year, the construction of a section of the construction tender project continues. We're trying to get out before the end of the year. " BUILDING LINE THOUSAND THREE 520 KM Murtazaoglu, a thousand 213 kilometers high-speed train line is under operation, stating that the length of the lines of construction and the tender phase is a thousand thousand thousand kilometers expressed. Murtazaoğlu stated that the entire Ankara-Sivas line was under construction. "We will complete one tender for 520-40 kilometers between Ankara and Kırıkkale. The infrastructure of the 50 kilometer part is completed. The whole line is 150 kilometers. The infrastructure developments in the remaining parts are in 405 levels. Ankara-Izmir YHT project continues to undertake construction of infrastructure, "he said. YTY outside of the lines of a high-speed train lines Murtazaoğlu transfer, at the moment of construction and tender stage, about a thousand kilometers, the project phase of the 70 thousand kilometers of lines found, he said. Murtazaoglu, a North-South line, a Southern connection and a Western connection to the Central Anatolia, freight and passenger transportation will be carried out within the framework of the 12 goals, he said. "A TURKEY Freight CORRIDOR IN THE MIDDLE of the Comfort Inn" Ismail Murtazaoğlu, when YHT-speed train lines and complete 2023 percent of Turkey's populationstating that they will have the opportunity to travel with them; “We need to improve our current lines. For about 80 there were roads that had never been renewed. We've done some renovation. Thus, our commercial speed began to rise. Böylece Bursa Yenisehir HotelsMurtazaoğlu emphasized that they could be completed this year for both supply procurement and connection part project, and the project works for Kayseri-Antalya railway infrastructure construction continued and they foreseen to be completed in the second half of 2017. Murtazaoğlu, TurkeyUnderlining the fact that it is located in the middle of a kazanç freight corridor tamam, if it completes its infrastructural investments, it can achieve a very serious profit.
    Murtazaoğlu stated that there are currently 12 sets in YHT operations and added: sözler We use all kinds of measurements of our lines at periodic intervals to ensure their safety. In 2016, six very high-speed train sets will be purchased. One was taken. 185 kilometers of the Konya section of the geometric status, 300 speed and geometry can make the velocity. We are currently going with 250 kilometers / hour; but at higher speeds after we have already provided our vehicles, 300 km / hWe can go as fast as. In total we will buy 106 high-speed train set. We will buy them with local and learning-based technology. 53 percent of themPart of a luxury in Turkeyto be produced. Companies that sell it to us inside to find yourself in a way common and Turkeywill also produce. We will also contribute to the industry of our country. Ül
    High-speed train according to the project 3Third BridgeAfter the European Side700 will enter a tunnel of meters. Fast train, which will continue on its own route, as opposed to the ring road, 3third airporthe will stop. Then Odayeri with scissors, Başakşehire (Kayabaşı) turning HalkalıNew Railway, HalkalıIn addition, the suburban lines will be connected to the ongoing Marmaray Project. Halkalı-Kapıkule YHT Project will be integrated with the new train line, can be used in passenger and freight transport.

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