1 km of the Antalya rail system line 13 million TL

1 kilometer of the Antalya rail system line is 13 million TL: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications announced that the unit cost per kilometer of the 2nd stage light rail system line in Antalya is 13 million TL. Ministry in line 19 kilometers long denied allegations that Turkey was the most expensive tram project.
The Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications made a written statement regarding the cost of the 23 kilometer light rail system line that will connect the city to the airport in Antalya and the EXPO 2106 Antalya Fairground in Aksu, which will open its doors on April 19.1.
In a written statement, the ongoing construction of Antalya 2nd Stage Light Rail Line rail system will be Turkey's most expensive investment claims were denied. It was pointed out that the line was designed as a continuation of the existing 11.1 kilometer Fatih - Otagar - Meydan line, and it was stated that approximately 17.8 kilometers of the line will be level, 1 kilometer will be on and off and 160 meters will be bridge crossing.
Samsun, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Bursa tram line will have 1 stops, respectively Square, Perge, Barracks, Topçular, Democracy, Cırnık, Altınova, Yenigöl, Sinan, Junction, Airport-2 and Airport-15, Anfaş, Kurşunlu, Aksu, EXPO. projects showing a precedent 'Turkey's most expensive' as voiced reflect the reality of the assessment.
The Ministry pointed out that the Antalya 2nd Stage Rail System Project contract was signed in Turkish Lira and was not affected by the exchange rate change, and gave the following information about the tender:
“Also, since the contract period is limited, there is no Price Difference Application. The main factors that determine the cost in such projects are the infrastructure types. It would be misleading to compare the unit-kilometer costs of a project planned as a street tram and built with superstructure installation on the existing highway and a project located on a tunnel, viaduct, filling, cut. The most important feature of the Antalya 2nd Stage Rail System Line Project, which is different from its peers, is that most of the productions under the contract must be completed before the G-10 summit on 2015 November 20 and the line must be put into operation before the EXPO organization on April 23, 2016, which is a limited contractor. creates additional risk costs for companies. "
The Ministry stated that the unit cost per kilometer of the Antalya 2nd Stage Rail System Line is 13 million liras, the unit cost of the kilometer in Eskişehir is 6.6 million, the kilometer cost in Samsun is 15.5 million, the kilometer cost of the 2015 km long Kocaeli tram, which was tendered in 9.45, is 14.2 million and announced that the kilometer cost of Bursa Şekerpınar-Otogar Tramway, which was also tendered in 2015, was 16.3 million TL.



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