Palandöken's chance on New Year's Eve is artificial profit

Palandöken chance of artificial snow at Christmas: the lack of a sufficient amount of snow on ski resorts in Turkey, to fill the artificial snow slopes Palandöken Ski Center to create. In Palandöken Ski Center, which snows once in the first days of December, artificial snow is poured on the tracks every day. Polat Renaissance Hotel Front Office Manager Ahmet Baykal said, "Those who want to ski on holiday because of New Year's Eve flock to Palandöken".

Air temperature 5 degrees below zero due to the fall in the morning Palandöken and rained down all artificial snow ski slopes in Konaklı in Turkey as it is every year, this year's ski season early 'hello' he said.

Those who miss skiing since 1 December find the opportunity to ski on the illuminated tracks at night. Palandöken, which is indispensable for ski lovers with its burning sun, crystal snow, nature and tracks, will also use this advantage in the New Year. Especially on weekends, chock filled Palandöken and Konakalı says it is a great demand Polat Renaissance Hotel Front Office Manager Ahmet Baykal, "wherever you are in Turkey, where you have the opportunity to reach by plane to 1.5 hours ski resort. When you leave the hotel, you get on the cable car. The hotels are inside the ski resort. The ski center is 5 minutes from the city and 15 minutes from the airport. just be snow in the ski resorts in Erzurum in Turkey, which has increased about here. Currently, the occupancy rate in hotels is 80 percent. We expect 100 percent in New Year's Eve. "There are no snowless beeps in Palandöken and Konaklı, where approximately XNUMX thousand people can ski at the same time."

Elif Eratlar, one of the holidaymakers who said that skiing under artificial snow in sunny weather is a great pleasure, said, “Artificial snow is no different from other snow. It is even more beautiful for skiing. "You compare yourself to a star in the sky, especially when you slide on the illuminated pister."

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