YHT Lines Increase the Number of Visitors at Mevlana Ceremonies

YHT Lines Increase the Number of Visitors in Mevlana Ceremonies: It is reported that more than 7 thousand visitors are expected to come to the 17 Vuslat Anniversary International Commemoration Ceremonies of Mevlana, which will be held in Konya on 742-70 December.

Konya Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Çıpan said, as every year, between 7-17 December, Hz. He said that the 742 year anniversary of Mevlana's visit to Hakk will be realized. Çıpan stated that the ceremonies will start with the "Kandil Wake, Love and Tolerance" march tomorrow at 13:30, and the ceremony will be held at the Mevlana Tomb. He said he would continue with.

More than 70 thousand visitors are expected for the ceremonies. Çıpan emphasized that many cultural, artistic and scientific events will be held within the scope of the ceremonies, and said that around 170 events will be held at nearly 80 different points. We have data suggesting that almost 70 thousand people follow sema shows and science, culture and art activities. This year, we think that we will catch this number at least, and even exceed this number. Our data in this direction are positive. ”

Çıpan emphasized that those who want to participate in the sema programs can get their tickets before they come to Konya with the e-ticket system, and said: “Those who want to attend the ceremonies can get their tickets as directed by the system by pressing the e-ticket button on the website of the Culture and Tourism Directorate. We do not have any problems in this regard. An extremely easy and practical system. This year is our 4th year in the e-ticket system and we are successfully implementing it. Those who want to attend the ceremonies can obtain tickets from the country and abroad via the e-ticket system without the need to come to Konya. Thanks to this practical system, participation in the ceremonies increased at a high rate. From time to time, there can be rhetoric about “there is no ticket left”, we definitely have a place for every day. ”Çıpan stated that the contribution of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) should not be ignored in terms of the number of visitors, and that the YHT will provide great relief in the arrival and arrival of the visitors. Çıpan stated that the guests coming to the city will not have any problems at the accommodation point and invited everyone who wants to breathe this atmosphere to Konya.

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