Yellow buses from BURULAS came to Inegol

BURULAŞ's yellow buses came to İnegöl: BURULAŞ's yellow buses that will provide public transportation between Bursa and İnegöl came to İnegöl.

Yellow buses will start operating on Monday, December 28, 2015. With yellow buses, from Bursa to Bursa, normal passengers will be provided with 6.5 TL, and students will be provided with a 4.5 TL transportation service. Those who add 6.5 TL over 1.1 TL will be able to go to the end of Bursa without transfer.

Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “Yellow buses are waiting for the people of İnegöl. Hopefully we will start our flights on Monday, December 28. We tried to create a system that would benefit our citizens. This system is not a system to be implemented permanently, surely revisions will be made. Satisfaction of the citizen will be ensured by looking at the plus and minus. BURSAKART will be used for transportation with these vehicles. BURSAKART sales started at the point created at the terminal, ”he said.



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