Building Center We are the magazine 71. with the number of you

With the 71st issue of Yapı Merkezi Biz magazine: Company was established on September 22, 1965 as a modest research and design company. The company activities, which started with the restoration project of Galata Tower, have been continuing for 50 years. In this process, Yapı Merkezi has succeeded in carefully completing 'all' of its projects, most of which are universal and spread over three continents, without departing from its 'better and better' route.

To this day, the Yapı Merkezi is to reinforce the qualification of being a güven world brand ası that is sought and trusted; Turkey and determined to maintain its prominent position in the history of the civil world.

Building Center is entering the new year, 50. In the face of the 'We' magazine 71. with your number. You can read the new issue of the journal in the enclosed PDF. also is You can also access to the details of the projects, other issues of the journal and news. Build Center wishes good years.

Building Center We are the magazine 71. Click for the number

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