Yama Mountain Ski Resort is coming to winter

Yama Mountain Ski Resort is for Winter: Yama Dagi Ski Center, which is expected to stimulate the development of skiing and winter tourism in Malatya, could not be raised this winter due to its deficiencies.
The ski resort, where Malatians are waiting for the opening of the curiosity, will not be used this winter due to incomplete construction. Ski center, construction work, although the end of the missing due to incomplete delivery could not be performed. The first skiing ski resort is scheduled for this season and is located on Mount Yama at 2500 altitude which does not pass through the winter season. is a hotel with cable car and 70 personality.

In addition to Malatya, as well as Sivas, Kahramanmaras and Erzincanlılar ski resort, which can be used by the cable car and 70 personality hotel.

Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Sadi hazelnut, the contractor firm's completion of the remaining work can not be completed due to the plant said. Providing information about the frost situation in the facility, Fındıklı said, in We will not be able to use this winter because there are deficiencies in our ski resort at Yama Mountain. When the contractor completes the work, the facility will be transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We predict that the first ski in our facility will be held next winter. The remaining work will take some time to complete, da he said.

📩 24/11/2018 14:33

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