Ski slope overlooking Lake Van preparing for winter

The ski slope with views of Lake Van is preparing for the winter: In the ski resorts in Bitlis and its districts, intensive work after the snow has been initiated.

Erhan Onur Güler at Bitlis center and Nemrut Kardelen Ski Resort at Tatvan district are preparing for ski lovers.

Upon arrival of the ski resort, citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy the resort between Nemrut Crater Lake and Lake Van.

Nemrut Kardelen Ski Center Director Faruk Sinoglu, AA correspondent, the first snow of the season began preparations for the looting, he said.

Sinoglu stating that they are trying to prepare the track for ski lovers, said:

Ası Our snow crushers are at work so that the belly is not wasted. Now we're making our track. After the runway preparation, we will open the doors of our facility to our people and we will serve. Taking place at the point where blue and white meet makes our facility unique. Our skiers will ski here against the views of Lake Van. Sever

Sinan 2 500 meter fixed-clamp system in the facility that records the system recorded that Sinoglu, said that this system has the capacity to carry a thousand people per hour.

According to the degree of difficulty in the facility for children, novice, women and professionals to create separate tracks that add Sinoglu, a resort sedan who will use the resort to travel to 8 mileage with pleasure reported.

- oldu Premature snowfall was an advantage -

Bitlis Youth Services and Sports Directorate Ski Camp Training Center Manager Refik Avsar said that the profit of the profit is not enough, the facility will be opened to the public at the desired level of service, he said.

Avşar said, karın This year's profit was an advantage for us. Our facility is ready for skiing. If the 20 centimeter becomes more profitable, we will open the facility and offer it to the public. When it is snowing enough, the ski sport will return to its old days in Bitlis. Yeter