Uludag facilities ready for Christmas, but no snow

Uludağda facilities ready for Christmas but no snow: Hotels in Uludag from the important winter tourism centers of Turkey continues preparations for the new year. This year the expected snowfall in the hotel despite the lack of occupancy rate of 80'ye reached operators, said that there will be difficulties in skiing.

The hotels prepared special package programs for holidaymakers who wanted to enter Uludağ into New Year's Eve. The cost of entering the new year in Uludag starts from 600 TL per person, while some hotels are 2 people and 3 4 500 XNUMX night.

Stating that most of the holidaymakers who want to spend the New Year in Uludağ are local tourists, Ağaoğlu My Mountain Hotel General Manager Murat Pınarcı said, “I think we will reach 100 percent occupancy rate in the New Year. This year, mainly local tourists are at the forefront. There is some trouble in snowfall, ”he said.

Hayrettin Özelgin, General Manager of Alkoçlar Zone Hotel, said, “Our New Year preparations continue. Although there is no snowfall, there is demand. Our only problem is that the Russians are not in the foreign market due to this year's crisis. In this case, it directed us to another market. There is demand from countries such as Azerbaijan and Ukraine, ”he said.


The lack of sufficient snowfall in Uludağ negatively affected the mountain tradesmen. Especially ski and snowmobile rental center officials said, “There is interest in Uludağ at the beginning of the year, but we have problems due to the absence of snowfall. Everything is ok in Uludağ, but we are only waiting for snowfall ”.

Meteorological officials, 31 December on snow is not expected to be reported.


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