Transport and Railway Workers Union Visits Tudemsasi

Transport and Railway Workers 'Union visited Tudemsasi: Abdullah PEKER, President of Transport and Railway Workers' Union, visited Tudemsas General Manager Yildiray KOCARSLAN at his office.

Abdullah PEKER, the leader of the Union of Transport and Railroad Employees, conveyed their demands to Koçarslan as a union. Koçarslan said that he would work to resolve the demands of the union. In addition, Abdullah PEKER, the Chairman of the Union of Transport and Railroad Employees, expressed his belief that they will eliminate the grievances of the victimized employees by opening an examination for the administrative and technical conducting and other examinated staff for the good works of Tümdemsaş General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan.

Abdullah PEKER: ata The trick is subject to compliment. Abdullah

Stating that the developments in Tümdesaş in the last 3 years cannot be ignored, Peker said, “The derelict manufacturing and repair factories have been modernized and started production. kazanNecessary work at the point of removal has been completed. Tüdemsaş gained a different appearance by performing exterior sheathing and painting works. There is a saying, "Ingenuity is subject to compliment." We think that it is a humane behavior to congratulate all our administrators and bureaucrats who do good work. The fact that fast wagon manufacturing and repair works will start at the beginning of 2016 will make great contributions to both the economy of Sivas and the country's economy. We know that the devoted work of all Tüdemsaş employees will continue from now on, and as Tüdemsaş employees, we say that we must take this distinguished institution to higher levels and protect it.” he concluded by saying.

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