Scalpel from the Ministry of Transport to Istanbul traffic

Scalpel for Istanbul traffic from the Ministry of Transport: The Ministry of Transport is preparing to implement projects that will be a solution to Istanbul traffic, which haunts the citizens. 3 and a half million citizens will use the 6-storey Istanbul Tunnel.

From the Bosphorus bridge to TEM and E-5; Istanbul traffic that exasperated the citizen, the Ministry of Transport closely following the follow-up imiz 64'in recently started to work in the government, Istanbul is preparing to implement projects that will ease traffic in Istanbul. The mega-transportation projects, which are also included in the government program, are expected to breathe the traffic in Istanbul. A tunnel that will be the first in the world to unite the highway and metro passages in a single tunnel will be launched. 3 will use 9 million people a day to connect the different rail system.


Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges will relax the traffic of the project will be done with the BOT model. Work on the Kanal Istanbul Project, one of the biggest projects of the century, will continue. In addition, in areas where there is a high density, the road length of 30 will be increased to one thousand kilometers in order to increase traffic safety and shorten transport times. New motorways will be constructed with BOT model, especially in Marmara Region. Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir and Northern Marmara Motorway will be completed.


In the new era, the Ankara-based high-speed train core network will be launched at 3 thousand 623 km. With the completion of the Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Project, half of the country's population will benefit from high-speed train comfort.

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