Giant steps in transportation projects

Transport giant steps in the project: Turkey aims to developments in transport until 2023. Accordingly, both ends of which is called Turkey's Edirne-Kars trip will fall to 8 hours.

Assign important steps towards branding in recent days, Turkey is getting ready to go global in the 100th league. Cities continue to develop brand projects within the scope of 2023 goals. the cities of Turkey in order to become a brand aerospace sector some weight while others in the industry, turning to sports and tourism. However, the most prominent projects are undoubtedly the transportation projects… Giant projects that connect cities and relieve the traffic also 'lead to the development of new investments'.

According to the news of Metin Can from Sabah newspaper, high-speed train projects that are currently concentrated in Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya and Istanbul will reach 100 cities in the 29th year. length of high-speed train line in Turkey will reach 10 thousand kilometers in total.

8 per hour

Turkey's other end to a period of 1,5 days to save transportation time from one end of a 4 in 1 percent drop. The journey between Edirne and Kars will take 8 hours.

Highway and tunnel work continue full throttle

Highway and tunnel works, one of the most important issues of the government, continue at full speed. The 100th anniversary of the great objectives on this issue ... Turkey from east to west, north to south, the highway will connect to the provinces. Bursa, Konya, Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Sivas and Denizli are the leading Anatolian provinces in the name of branding.

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