Twins with autism are preparing for world championships

Autism twins is preparing for the world championships: Special Athletes Turkey Championship gold medal with autism who are twin brothers, preparing for the world championships to be held in Poland.

Licensed skiing athletes in Erzurum Aliye Zeynep and Muhsin Murat Bingül, twin brothers with autism in autism 12, are preparing for the world championship in Palandöken, Poland.

Special Athletes Alpine private twins who owns the gold medal for the world championships in Turkey Championship came to the camp.

Private Final Schools 6 grade 1 student Muhsin Murat and 5 's Aliye Zeynep Bingül, entered the camp on the 5 December at the Sway Hotel in Palandöken. Erzurum Youth Sports Cycling Club's licensed ski athletes, twins, trains Sefa Yalçın and Ibrahim Yildirim accompanied by 4 hours skiing per day. Bingul brothers sliding from the height of the 2 thousand 800 meters became the mascot of both Palandoken and their schools. Aliye Zeynep and Muhsin Murat Bingül, who are the children of the engineer Nesrin Kaya Bingül in Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Erzurum Regional Courthouse, are the children of Nesrin Kaya Bingül. S held in Turkey

No. in the world, emphasizing that twins who are happy to do private coaching to coach the only licensed athletes in Turkey Sefa Yalcin said:

Cular Zeynep and Murat competing with the Special Athletes Federayonu are heavily autistic and are the only licensed athletes in our country. Turkey in the second week of January, at the end of February, we are preparing for the world championships to be held in Poland. Turkey Zeynep Murat and represent our country in the best way to go to the Olympics as the main target of Champions. If they get a good rating in Poland, then they will participate in the Olympic elections. We do a maximum of 4 for 6 hours of training per day.

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