Lucien Arkas, rail transport will develop rapidly in Turkey

Lucien Arkas, rail transport will develop rapidly in Turkey: Izmir origin 2 billion dollars turnover Arkas Holding's boss Lucien Arkas' Anatolia Project took the major step in November. Izmit Kartepe, 120 million dollars to establish a logistic center with a partnership with the German-owned company in Izmir, after the sea transport, the carraining business was an ambitious entry.

Lucia Arkas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arkas Holding, operating in various sectors such as logistics, shipping and agency, with 2 billions of dollars in Izmir, said that they had entered into an ambitious job after the sea transportation. Arkas stated that Marmaray will foresee the change with the opening of the train passage and that they will establish a new logistics center with the Germans in İzmit Kartepe. Değişim The location was important for this work. 12 is getting soil for years. The Anatolian railway line 2 will extend from Kars to Tbilisi, Baku after the year. This means for us; We can extend from Kartepe to Ukraine and Central Asia Kart. Lucien Arkas reminded that there are railway companies and wagons and explained their new projects as follows:

Abil In 2018, we will be able to use this new logistics center which will be put into service in Kartepe, not just us, but all logistics companies. The idea of ​​the center belongs to us. 'Well run?' We looked at what was going to happen. We could say, 'We'll learn.' Learn is expensive. There are those who have done so well in the world. The German Duisport also had such an idea that we were experts in this business. 'Shall we become partner?' We looked at. Duisport is the largest company in Germany and Europe. We said, "Let's do it together." The first works in Turkey. They reach everywhere where they are. They send goods to Siberia, China. Our first project within the scope of the partnership will be the establishment and operation of an intermodal logistics center of 200 thousand square meters in Kartepe, which is very close to Istanbul. In 2018 it is aimed to start its activity. There will be a terminal where two different modes of transport, rail and road, can be used. Ve

Arkas said unfolded quickly as in the railway transportation of aviation in Turkey, said that Turkey's foreign trade target of 2023 years in the realization of the railway freight transport expected to be 15 percent share. Lucien Arkas stated that they believed that logistics and railway investments should be given weight to capture these targets and that they invested 120 million dollars in İzmit Kartepe. Noting that Kartepe can be called a logistics village or a caravan, Arkas said, ü When the Marmaray tunnel is being used for cargo transportation and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line is opened, it will be a hub. Transport between Asia and Europe, Europe and the Balkan and Central Asian countries. Not currently, but we'll make a connection to the existing railway. With the completion of Marmaray, it will provide a direct link to the new logistics center in Kartepe. The center will make an entrance gate to Istanbul and the entire region Merkez.

Lucian Arkas said that 2015 was a very difficult year, and said that most of the investments due to the elections were held. “That process is over. I think it will be done. As for us, we haven't had a bad year. The reduction in fuel prices gave us an advantage. Fuel prices thought that we will do what we do with that money. We bought a ship and raised our fleet. The number of our container ships is now on 44. We also had an 5 tanker, we got another tanker. 20 grew on our fleet of ships. In fact, this is the event; synonymous when you grow your company should not lose synergy. Some of our companies have grown more or less some of them. We will continue to take the ship. Our EBITDA is better than 2014 2015 10'da increased XNUMX '' he said.

Recalling that there was a contraction in world trade in 2015, Arsak said: You do not sell. Very much increase the cost of import. Then you import less, sell less, import less, and shrink. World trade is in a difficult period. I think I would be better for Turkey's xnumx't the xnumx'n. I think we need to create more common businesses in 2016. When things are hard, the forces need to be merged to save costs. We should do things with those who run in the same lane with us, 'can we have common profits, or do we act together?' We must see. The coming 2015-2016 will lower the costs of everyone's common grievances over the years. "

I live in BÜYÜKADA
Lucien Arkas, who took the Con Paşa Mansion from BÜYÜKADA, said, Con I love the Islands. Every time I went, I was told, arkadaş Is not a pity that these houses are not looked at? Bu a friend said, He found me a mansion. He said he found one of the best houses on the island. When I went to their homes, 6 bargained for months. The price I bought and restored, we could have taken the yalı on the Bosphorus. The pavillion was very nice. 3.5 lasted for years. I stay in between. I made my home in Bornova the Arkas Naval Historical Center, and I escaped to Urla. " said.

Arkas with numbers

  • Arkas Holding has an 61 company.
  • Arkas has partnership with 7 foreign company
  • Arkas has 6700 employees. Their 750 works abroad in offices located in 22 country.
  • Arkas already has the 700 wagon. Most wagon in the private sector is at Arkas.
  • 2014 year turnover of Arkas 2 billion dollars

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