Certified rail system response from Türel

Documented rail system response from Türel: Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel came to Antalya during his first mayoral term. kazanHe refuted the claims about the cost of the rail system line he built with documents. In the continuation session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting last month, allegations were raised about the 1st Stage Rail System Line between Meydan-Kepezaltı by a CHP councilor.

Mayor Menderes Türel responded to the false claims that misled the public with official documents from the Municipality of Kayseri at the December Assembly continuation meeting held at ASAT. Türel noted that the rail system line in Kayseri was not made for 120 million lira as claimed, but for 3 million Euros, which is almost 100 times that. Stating that the line in Kayseri is 28 kilometers and 28 vehicles, another false claim was made, President Türel gave the following information: “It is a 17-kilometer line built in Kayseri and there are 22 vehicles. The length of the vehicles is 32 meters, the length of the vehicles in Antalya is 36 meters. There are no two underpass junctions in the construction of Kayseri. Considering that an intersection is 2 million liras, we have covered both intersection projects from the rail system budget by spending an extra 10-20 million TL. " Stating that they were examined and investigated in the previous period, Türel said, “In fact, the mayor of the past term said 'I examined them, there is no problem' in the records in the council. “The reason why this is wanted to be scratched must be desperation” he said.

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