Scientific production in TÜDEMSAŞ

Scientific production at TÜDEMSAŞ: Cumhuriyet University and TÜDEMSAŞ, which cooperated with the slogan: From Education to Production, will begin to take the steps of future projects.

Cumhuriyet University and TÜDEMSAŞ, which cooperate with the slogan of education to production, will start to take the steps of forward-looking projects. Rector Prof. Dr. TUDEMSAS visited. Dr. Faruk Kocacık, 'planTURDAŞAS with all areas from education to production were planned to cooperate. We started with a small protocol. We will have some negotiations that can cooperate in every field. Her

Scientific support will be given to TÜDEMSAŞ and steps will be taken for scientific production. With the protocol signed between Cumhuriyet University and TÜDEMSAŞ 9 months ago, a "cooperation from education to production" agreement was signed. While the work on concrete steps continues in this context, Rector Prof. Dr. Faruk Kocacık made a visit to TÜDEMSAŞ and met with General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan, visited the factory and got information. Rector Prof. Dr. Faruk Kocacık, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ali Erkul, Prof. Dr. Ertan Buyruk, Prof. Dr. Sami Hizmetli, Secretary General Prof. Dr. Ömer Poyraz, Dean of Technology Faculty Prof. Dr. Sezai Elagöz, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. During the visit held with Orhan Tatar, views were exchanged on the future of Railways and Sivas. Rector Prof. Dr. Kocacık and his entourage toured the factory units, sohbet did. Rector Kocacık made welding by wearing his mask on the welding simulator used for educational purposes. Rector Prof. Dr. Kocacık got information about the New Generation National Freight Wagon, which will be produced in TÜDEMSAŞ within the scope of the National Train Project in the last quarter of 2016, and examined the prototypes of the H-type bogie, the most important part of this wagon, prepared for tests. Making a statement after the visit, Rector Prof. Dr. Kocacık said, “We are delighted to see that TÜDEMSAŞ, which has completely renewed its technological infrastructure in recent years, has no shortage of wagon production factories on a world scale. What I saw in Tüdemsaş made me hope for the future. We are proud to have such a facility that will contribute to the future of our country in terms of both production and economy. We had planned to cooperate between our university and TÜDEMSAŞ in every field from education to production. We started with a small protocol. We will have some meetings that can cooperate in every field, ”he said.

Tudemsas General Manager Yildiram Kocarslan said in his statement: N 12 is a billion dollars market in the production of new freight wagons and in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the freight cars. As a country, we will try to get as much share as possible from this market. The company will continue its technological investments within the framework of the developments in the sector. Focusing on high value-added products that will improve our technical infrastructure and R & D activities, our priority is to develop domestic opportunities and to consider new opportunities for export. It is our most important goal to develop the railway sub-industry which is starting to be formed in our region through TUDEMSAŞ and to make Sivas the freight wagon production base at the point of production, maintenance and repair and spare parts supply of railway freight vehicles. Collaborating with the faculty of engineering, cooperating with our teachers, to put forward new projects and the students of Cumhuriyet University internship at TÜDEMSAŞ, I believe it will be great service for our country and students, '' he said.

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