After the Tram

After the Tram, On The Plane: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “We will produce our plane as we manufacture the tram. Bursa is not a city waiting for a role. "We take our role ourselves," he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa News Media Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Dizdar, Member of the Board of Directors Levent Dizdar, businessman Mehmet Dizdar, Editor-in-Chief of Bursa Haber Newspaper Tayfun Çavuşoğlu and Bursa Newspaper Haber Newspaper met with its directors and writers at Kahve Beyaz Restaurant. Evaluating the innovations related to transportation, Altepe said, “We produced our tram with XNUMX% domestic facilities. A serious experience kazansteep. We will also manufacture our aircraft. We have reached a serious infrastructure with our tram experience and Space and Aviation Center”.

Describing his efforts for Bursa to be a brand city, Altepe said, anlat We strive to make Bursa the world city by doing the best of everything. We understand those who do not understand our vision. We are thinking of Bursa day and night. We are thinking about bringing our city to the agenda of Europe and the world. In the past, the promotion of Turkey in Bursa today that this suggests that no promotion of Bursa. These were our investments to uncover historical artifacts. Bursa took its place in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List with each district. These were the best of us. Not only did we uncover the artifacts in Bursa. The Ottoman Empire's legacy in the Balkans also came out, '' he said.

Altepe pointed out environmental investments in Bursa, N 1 for nature 400 million pounds per year have allocated resources. Nilüfer River and Deliçay are running clean. We've got it all over the collectors. We clean Bursa first and then Marmara. In addition, we received authorization from the ministry of environment for chimney cleaning and inspections. A city that does not use the airline cannot be a brand city. For this, we are organizing free flights to Yenisehir. At the same time, we are working on Bursa Airport. When the military entered the bureaucracy, but the end of the work we have reached. That's not enough. We will produce our tram, metro cars as well as our aircraft. Bursa is not a city waiting to be cast. We take our role ourselves. Biz

Expressing that Bursa best bears Turkey's targets, President Altepe said, “The university does not act on its own anymore. All the dynamics of the city are acting collectively. We opened our science center. There were even those who made attempts to open before us. But first of all, we put it into action. Although we do not have the infrastructure, we opened the space and aviation center. We received support of 60 million lira from the state and 15 million lira from the Commodity Exchange. Space and Aviation Center theoretical experience kazanIt will be an institution that we will build on,” he said.
Agon When we took office, the number of wagons in the rail system was 48. We doubled this number with wagons that were active. While 96 wagons are currently on the move, we have ordered the 60 wagon. We gave our orders early for our tram lines at Terminal and Beşyol. The 12 silkworm tramway will be ready before construction is completed. In addition to this, we have an agenda for shipping to Gemlik and Mudanya. As the rail system to Mudanya, we will transport TCDD to Gemlik ”.

D When Bursa entered the market, it turned the competition conditions in favor, ığ said Altepe. We produce products that are more affordable than the whole world. I believe we will soon export our wagons. In addition to the acceleration of production along with exports, the finance sector will also be restored with the issuance of loans by Turkish banks. İhracat

Altepe stressed that the traffic problem in Bursa cannot be solved by wheeled vehicles. Üs After completing our rail system projects, we plan to gradually decrease the number of minibuses and minibuses. The traffic density in the city center increased day by day. We offer small or free parking spaces near subway stations. Citizens leave their vehicles to the station and go to the city center by public transport, we do not want to waste time in traffic and we want to give 10 liras to the parking lot in the city center. If the density in the city center continues to increase, parking prices will increase. Also the Metropolitan Municipality has increased the number of attractors. We will not interfere with the problems that will occur due to incorrect parking ere.

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