Flea Market tradesmen in action because of tram project

Flea Market tradesmen, who were victimized by the tram project, took action: Flea Market tradesmen, who were victimized due to the tram project, took action in front of Izmit Municipality. Although the flea market tradesmen later wanted to walk to the governorship, the police prevented them. Durdu Kilitçioğlu, one of the flea market tradesmen, said, "The municipality is driving the marketers to crime."

Flea market tradesmen, who were victimized due to the decision to establish a tramway site in the region where the flea market is located, first met with AKP members and then with the Metropolitan. Flea Market tradesmen who suffered due to the tram project came to Izmit Municipality this time. Police teams took security measures in front of the city hall.

DO NOT SELL ESRAR, We do not do!

Making a statement to the press in front of the town hall, Flea Market tradesmen said, “We do not sell marijuana, sell heroin, or steal. We just want our marketplace. Let them give us a place with mud, we pour concrete. We will give the market money ”he said. Polat Cavlar, another flea market tradesman said, “It is just a place we want from the municipality. We are waiting for a result here, ”he said.

INTERVIEW was held

On the other hand, 4 people selected from Flea Market tradesmen entered Izmit Municipality. Selected flea market tradesmen met with Izmit Municipality officials to solve their problems. Suna Karaağaç, one of the Flea Market tradesmen who was waiting outside during the negotiations, suddenly got worse. Health teams that came to the municipality quickly made the first intervention to the old woman. As a result of the meeting, it was said that the addressees to the flea market tradesmen were not the Municipality of Izmit but the Metropolitan Municipality.


After the meeting, the Flea Market tradesman decided to walk in front of Kocaeli Governorship. Police teams took intense security measures in Thursday Market and prevented the march of Flea Market tradesmen. 3 people were selected from among the flea market tradesmen. Savaş Istekli, Yılmaz Çaça and Durdu Kilitçioğlu, who went to Kocaeli Governorship, wanted to meet with the authorities. Flea Market tradesmen, who could not find an address to them, met with the secretary of Kocaeli Deputy Governor Aziz İnci and made an appointment. Flea Market tradesmen will meet with Aziz İnci on Tuesday, December 15th.


Speaking after the meeting at the Kocaeli Governorship, Durdu Kilitçioğlu said, “These men have criminal records, no insurance, no income. There is a market. The municipality leads the marketers to crime. They haven't opened a bench for a month. What will these guys do? "They will be dragged into crime." On the other hand, the crowd in Thursday Market dispersed without incident.

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