2 Injured By Train To Car At Level Crossing

Trolley Trolley Trained at Level Crossing 2 Wounded: Two people were injured in the accident that occurred in Çaycuma district of Zonguldak.

The accident occurred at 07.10 in the morning. While passing through the level crossing of Gemciler District, the freight train hit the car with 67 ZZ 982 plate car going from Çaycuma Gökçetabaklar village to the district center. Car driver Bayram Kartal (46) and his son Yasin Kartal (20), who were with him, were injured from the vehicle by Çaycuma Municipality Firefighters and 112 employees.

Bayram Kartal, Zonguldak Atatürk State and Yasin Kartal were taken to Çaycuma State Hospital. Machinist Muharrem Istek was released after his statement was taken at the police station. Police launched an accident-related investigation.


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