Citizen revolt in Trabzon, no passengers for the rail system

In Trabzon, there were no passengers for the rail system during the citizen revolt: In Trabzon, citizens who waited in the queues of minibuses to go to their homes, especially in the evening, rebelled.

The construction of the light rail system, which has been on the agenda of Trabzon for a long time, has been delayed due to the fact that the number of passengers is not enough. However, especially in the evening hours to go to their homes to wait for a long time waiting for the citizens of the light rail system is inevitable for the city.

Stating that they had to suffer this ordeal every evening, citizens said, “Those who say that the number of passengers are insufficient come and see this situation. We have this trouble every evening. And this is just a line. The same problems are experienced on other lines. The light rail system is now a must for Trabzon ”and they rebelled.

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