Trabzon Metro Station

Metro is now in Trabzon: In order to solve the traffic problem in Trabzon, the light rail system could not be implemented and the project is now completed. Now the Metro is being requested.

Both the rail system has the most rantabil alternative as well as the cost of expropriation, no destruction.

Great Project

From Trabzon 2015 to 2019 Kanuni Boulevard, 2. airport, city hospital and Arsin have to solve the traffic of Trabzon city with a big project

For City

In this regard, a group of lecturers from KTU have even shared their projects with TAKA. Scientists who shed Akcaabat and Arsin together with 12 stall, drew '2023 Trabzon horizon'.

It's like, "You're gonna dream first, then you're gonna do it." Trabzon, Akçaabat and Arsin between the establishment of the Metro as a target for the 2023 is requested.

The project that a group of KTU lecturers have delivered to TAKA Newspaper is really perfect. With the subway planned to be built between Akçaabat and Arsin OSB, the alternative of the South ring road is also found. The politicians who fear the cost of expropriation of the Southern Ring will be free of the expropriation prices they fear.

If the Metro is expected to be placed on the 2023 Trabzon vision by promising politicians, there will be no need for a light rail system. Metro will also contribute to the metropolitan title of Trabzon.

Is it from the beach, from inside?

It was also discussed where the Metro would go. Teachers from KTU said that the project could be passed from the inside, not from the coast, but from the metro's stops to the centers.

No need for overpasses

In recent years, Trabzon has been talking about the overpasses that damage the urban view. When the subway is being implemented, there will be no need for overpasses in Trabzon.

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