Meetings were held with DDGM and TCDD on Cargo Wagons Revision and ECM Contract Issues

The meeting was held with DDGM and TCDD on the subject of the cargo wagons revision and the ECM Convention: The members of the GDGM Department Mahmut Çelik and his colleagues, the staff of TCDD, the revision service of the DTD Association Management, the private wagon maintenance companies, company officials, a meeting was held under the presidency of TCDD Freight Department President Ibrahim Celik, TCDD Cargo Office.
At the meeting;
• Open the way for the re-commissioning of wagons that are undergoing a revision but are not taken into service due to the registration regulation and TCDD ECM agreement,
• The scope of the ECM contract prepared by the TCDD Ceramics Department,
Interviews were held.
As a result of the meeting;
1- On the overhaul of freight wagons;
a) There is no restriction of the registration regulation in the service of the wagons passing through the revision,
b) In order for the wagons to be serviced, it would be sufficient to have revisions made in a workshop with ECM's Maintenance Supply Function Certificate.
c) TCDD will be provided to the service after the determination by TCDD by the delegation that TCDD will be maintained in accordance with the V340 (Revision) Technical Specification of TTŞ 1 Freight Wagons.
d) It is not necessary for the wagon owner companies to sign the ECM contract for these transactions,
2- TCDD has prepared the ECM Agreement;
For the review of the provisions of the ECM Convention together with a draft of the agreed agreement; It was decided that the delegation determined by the DTD at the meeting on the date of 08.12.2015 and the officials of the TCDD Corps Department would be right to hold an afternoon meeting on 14.12.2015.
DTD; He thanked İbrahim Çelik, Head of TCDD Load Department, and Mahmut Çelik, Head of DDGM Department, for their great contribution in organizing the meeting and taking effective results.

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