TCDD Labor Purchase Announcement Published

TCDD Worker Procurement Notice Published: TCDD was added to the institutions that started to recruit personnel. TCDD, along with İŞKUR, will carry out temporary personnel recruitment in order to close the labor deficit. 15 December 2015 dated in the advertised ISCUR TCDD Temporary Workers Procurement Elazig said.

  1. After the establishment of the government, open assignments, staff recruitment and temporary recruitment with KPSS are continuing rapidly. In addition to the permanent employee advertisements to be publicized, they began to recruit temporary and permanent personnel through İŞKUR to meet the personnel needs of many universities and institutions. Here is one of those 15 December news about the procurement of TCDD temporary workers published with the İŞKUR Announcement.

TCDD recruits temporary personnel to complete the employment in Elazig. Regarding the announcement made on the official website of İŞKUR, it was said that temporary workers will be recruited by TCDD 5th REGIONAL STORAGE DIRECTORATE.

Attention to candidates who wish to apply for this request; 10 is the place where the request is published within the day of the publication of the announcement. : can apply via internet address. The right of the issuers or declarers who make false documents to invalidate the application and the cancellation of the recruitment process of the institution and the requesting public institution and organization are reserved.

Candidates who apply to the demands and appear on the final list, education status, experience, priority status, etc. before the written or oral examination, they must submit to the public institution. Those who cannot document these situations or who have misrepresented are removed from the final list and will be included in the lists.

All priorities applying to the demands of the Kurds shall be notified to the public institutions and organizations in a separate list together with explanatory information on their names and addresses and their status to be drawn to the draw. The priority right of those who have priority rights is removed from those who have applied to the employer for the demand for permanent or temporary work, but not for forceful reasons, who do not participate in the exam, reject the job or work in the public status as permanent workers.

The right of priority can not be exploited for the second time. In case of applications for permanent and temporary labor demands of public institutions and organizations, the addresses of the persons registered in the Address Based Population Registration System shall be taken into consideration.

Deadline: 24 December 2015

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