TCDD wants more money back

TCDD wants more money back: Kartepe Hikmetiye Village due to the High Speed ​​Train project expropriated due to an interesting development took place about the land.

TCDD collecting the land, wants to pay back citizens for the reason of overpayment. The issue is currently in the Supreme Court.

Within the scope of the kurum High Speed ​​Train Project karşıya conducted by TCDD, the expropriation in Derbent neighborhood between Köseköy and Suadiye brought the citizens together with the authorities.

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) gave everyone in Hikmetiye Village the court. Derbent, one of the high-speed train lines crossing the area, was taken to the short distance in Hikmetiye Village by removing the train that was previously mentioned. Afterwards, a new route was opened with the high speed train project. TCDD began to expel places in the area between the high-speed train and the existing railway. However, after the expropriation, the citizens and the TCDD officials took the court.


Starting from Köseköy, there was a problem between the railway line extending from Hikmetiye Village to Suadiye and the surrounding lands. Some citizens did not like the fee, TCDD went to the judiciary on the grounds that overpayment was made. In particular, the problem occurred between the high-speed train line and the normal train line zoning arrangement was not made.


The reconstruction of the railway line between Köseköy and Suadiye was not made by both sides. According to allegations, 20 years ago, before the implementation of the project out of urban areas were confiscated. These areas, which appear as agricultural land, are sold or expropriated at the expense of zoning since no zoning arrangement has been made. It has been known for a long time that the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and the Municipality of Kartepe did not work in this highly productive area and almost all of the land became unusable. The lack of access roads to the land and the fact that ground water is not allowed to be harmed by land owners.


The lands between the two railway lines have returned to the basement. Citizens do not want to sell their land at the expense of zoning permission. However, they also find it meaningful to lead this land in this situation. TCDD expropriated the area left in the period of expropriation for the high-speed train 75 thousand pounds. After this expropriation, some landowners were faced with government agencies and citizens when the claims were made to pay more. The parties who are now in court are awaiting the conclusion of the case at the Supreme Court stage.


Due to the expropriation, the Municipality of Kartepe does not provide storage zoning between the two railways. The last 8 has not been regulated by the municipality for years, but it is claimed that the citizens have been the victims. In addition to the closure of the roads to the land of the citizens, after the report of TÜBİTAK, the lands with the first class agricultural area were transformed into swamps. The lack of breeding of the streams feeding the land causes the lands to remain under water due to rain. While the land of citizens could not be used, all of the agricultural areas were faced with forestation.


The inhabitants of the region raised an interesting claim. Accordingly, the land is sold at the expense of the same place after the 'storage zoning' has been claimed to be given. The number of victims in this direction is quite high. The lands that cannot be sold are still being collected by someone according to the allegations. Within the scope of the high-speed train project, it was pointed out that the 298 house should be demolished for the Logistics Center which is planned to be built in Köseköy but which cannot be done. At least 4 floors have a significant price.


On the other hand, following these developments, the empty lands between Köseköy and Suadiye began to be expropriated. Now it is reported that the Logistics Center is expected to be built in this region. Approximately 600 million cubic meters of soil here is expected to be moved to a suitable area. There is also a distance of less than 50 between Kartepe's Two-Thousand Sites and the place where the old railway passes. These zoning regulations attract the reaction of the citizen. The fact that no such arrangement is made around the other railway and the reconstruction of the zoning where only the villa is is the main reason for the reactions.

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