TCDD 3. Regional Manager V. Murat Bakır Bandırma Gar Field Found in Investigations

TCDD 3. Deputy Director of the Regional Murat Copper Bandırma Harbor Found in Investigations: Bandırma Gar in the field of inspections, Murat Copper, Bird Paradise Station and met with staff visited.

The final status of the construction of the Bandırma Liman ferry docking dock and the construction of backcross connection roads, site concreting and ramp manufacturing, 3. The Region was examined by the Director V. Murat Bakır at the site. In line with the 19.09.2014 report, the completion of the production and the order of production priority were determined. 2016 The ferry operation issue planned at the end of March was evaluated with Çelebi Holding General Manager M. Akif Ersoy and his technical team. It was agreed that the items in the meeting should be urgently replenished.

Then, Murat Bakir, who visited the Bandirma Gar site, visited the Bird Sanctuary Station and met with the staff.

Following the meeting with Recep Şekerci, Eti Boron Operation Manager, Copper, it was agreed that the works carried out by the Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (the finalization stage) in order to eliminate the drainage problems of the factory area and the military (Air Base) due to the seasonal rainfall, but only after starting from the three creek breeding in this region will be established a permanent solution .

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