Visit from Taşkesenligil to Kandilli Ski Center

Visit from Taşkesenligil to Kandilli Ski Center: Erzurum Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil visited the skiing national team of GHSİM and received information about the camp.

Erzurum Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Fuat Taşkesenligil, Sports Branch Director Güngör Şenses and Aşkale District Manager Şuayip Gacır visited Kandilli Ski Facilities. Here, Askale Youth Services and Sports District Manager Şuayip Gacır'dan received information about the ski slopes and social facilities, while she also learned about the work of the Ski Coach Kuşkapan'dan camping. Turkey Kandilli Ski Center, Ski Fzederasyo ​​of the Cross-Country Running National Team Camp organized by the Presidency of the visiting Taşkeseneligil, where he watched the training of athletes. In a very joyful environment, the athletes thanked GESIM Director Fuat Taşkesenligil for his interest in the camp.

Erzurum Provincial Director of Youth Activities and Sports Fuat Taşkesenligil, Kandilli Ski Center, artifacts in the snowing plant to visit the information about the work, skiing and biathlon branches in this winter Kandilli Ski Center will draw the burden of Turkish skiing, he said. Taşkesenligil, "During the winter camps and competitions will be held in these facilities will be intense," he said. Provincial Director Taşkesenligil, sports poet manager and the Shenses and district manager Gacir athletes, facility employees, GHSİM staff and skiers took a souvenir photo.

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