They read books on the historic subway

They have read books in the historical subway: In order to improve reading, love and increase the interest in books, Yıldız Technical University students organized a book reading activity in Beyoğlu Tunnel, which was approved by the 2nd oldest subway of the world with the reinforcement of IETT.

A group of students studying in the third year of Turkish Technical Education in Yildiz Technical University, 1875 made in the year of reading the tunnel vehicles, book reading activity carried out. A book reading activity project designed to create a habit of reading a book for citizens who use mass access tools; it encourages people who travel in the city to increase their attention to books and to read people.

The passengers, who were surprised by the application, thanked those who organized the event. One citizen who was highly affected by the project said, “We are a society with little reading habits. I wish this event to spread all over the country. " that sohbet did.

The students, who said that they aim to ensure that people spend reading the trip, said, “People should always read books wherever they are given time to vaccinate reading books to the public. We demand a public who reads. We make an invitation here, we say read and read. ” he spoke.

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