Sultangazi - Arnavutköy Rail System Line Project Final project tender based on implementation has been concluded

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sultangazi - Arnavutköy Rail System Line Project The final project tender, which is the basis of implementation, has been concluded.

New developments were recorded regarding the tender of “Sultangazi - Arnavutköy Rail System Line, which is the basis for the Implementation of Final Design Services”, opened by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Projects Directorate on 16 December 2015.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; The tender, the approximate cost of which was determined as 12.427.012 TL, was announced by Istanbul Transportation A.Ş. won. It is expected to sign a contract with the company after the legal process is completed. As it is known, the financial envelope of 6.050.000 companies was opened in the tender.
Reference: Investments 1263 / 21 Interval 2015 (EE)


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