Minister Sarı Kanal explained the Istanbul Project

Minister Sarı Kanal explained the Istanbul Project: Minister of Environment and Urbanization Fatma Güldemet Sarı, a district from scratch will be built from scratch, and there will be no skewed urbanization.

The newest face of the cabinet, Minister of Environment and Urbanization Fatma Güldemet Sarı answered those who were curious about the Canal Istanbul Project. Stating that İstanbul is an attraction center and everyone wants to be in the heart of the city, Sarı will have the opportunity to reduce excessive intensity with Kanal Istanbul. I think Kanal Istanbul will be an alternative living center. ”

“The project is huge, preparatory work continues. I got a short briefing at the preparatory work. We will inform the President and the Prime Minister. We are so busy; We have 3-month and 6-month plans. ...

The preliminary work is done as a draft. Nothing is fixed at the moment. As the channel is mainly the subject of the Ministry of Transport. We realize the urbanization plans of the two sides which will be formed after the channel. We will bring the works of the two ministries together and give a joint briefing.

Apart from the natural development of the Bosphorus, an artificial canal is being built but this does not mean that it will not be beautiful or useful. We have seen many examples in the world. In Qatar, a city is built into the sea in Dubai. A building that will be completely under our control may be the area where our new understanding of urbanism is exhibited as a pilot. It has a lot of potential. From that point of view, you are building a district with everything from scratch and you will present it in a finished form from the foundation to the roof in 5-10 years. There will be no skewed urbanization here. Streets and infrastructure are completed…

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