Stadium Not Metrobus Stop

Metrobus stop not at the stadium: the bus waiting for hours to ride at the Metrobus'in Zincirlikuyu metrobüse citizens were outraged by the intensity of the business hours.

An average of 1 million passengers per day, the ride is waiting for metrobus people waiting for the flood, almost metrobus'de seat grabbing war.

The metrobus confluence experienced at the central stops becomes even more unbearable during the opening hours.

One of the central stops on the Anatolian and European side of Zincirlikuyu metrobus station in the images taken in the people tried to ride each other with the metaphor of kaka. At times, when the nerves were stretched, some citizens expressed their reactions and stated that they were complaining about the fact that the metrobuses were insufficient in their departure and departure times and the BRT vehicles were delayed.

On the last business day of the week, citizens wanting to ride the metrobus, metrobüs from waiting for minutes because of the densities of the citizens coming down from the station has suffered great difficulties.

It is difficult for people to breathe from the intensity of the metrobuses, especially in the departure and departure hours of children and elderly people suffer the biggest distress.



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