Metrobus overpass in Sefaköy is forgotten

Is the metrobus overpass in Sefaköy forgotten: CHP councilors, stating that the revision of the metrobus overpass in Sefaköy has stopped, gave a parliamentary question in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. CHP members asked the fate of the passage, where work was initiated to make it suitable for the use of the disabled.

CHP Küçükçekmece's Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council members carried the work carried out on the overpass at Sefaköy metrobus station to the IMM Council. In the parliamentary question prepared by Fatih Üstünbaş, Ercan Ulaş Kaya, Ali Delen and Erhan Aslaner, it was stated that the overpass, which was closed to make it suitable for disabled people, had not been working for a long time and the reasons for this were asked.

Check out takes 25 minutes
“Durrob is one of the busiest metrobus stops,” the statement called alar the works at the metrobus station have been counting for a long time de. At the moment, the entrance and exit of the passenger is only one side. However, when the passage is narrow, there is a great intensity especially in the way of work and exit, and the exit from the stop at the hour of the density is approximately 20-25 minutes. Citizens who do not want to wait in the exit queue and are in a hurry use the E-5 to cross the street, which poses a serious life safety threat. Kullanıl

Was transferred to the Presidency
The motion was asked to whom the overpass construction was tendered, the start and end dates, why the work was stopped, and what kind of work was done on the overpasses in general. The motion was unanimously transferred to the presidential office.

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