Sarıkamış Ski Facilities Ready for the First Week of January

Sarıkamış Ski Facilities are Ready for the First Week of January: Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy stated that they made an intense effort to have Cıbıltepe Ski Center ready in the first week of January.

Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy stated that they made an intense effort to have Cıbıltepe Ski Center ready in the first week of January. Chairman Toksoy, AK Party Deputies Ahmet Arslan and Dr. He noted that Selahattin Beyribey had frequent meetings with the relevant ministries to prepare the Skiing Facilities in Ankara as soon as possible. Stating that all the materials came to Sarıkamış for the renewal of the station and its rope at the second stage in Cıbıltepe Ski Center, President Göksal Toksoy said, “You know, the studies of the renewal of the station and the rope are continuing in the second stage of Cıbıltepe Ski Facilities. It has a history of 50 days. Of course, it is tried to be raised in the first week of January. There is a Snow Games Festival that we will especially do. We announced this between 15 and 17 of January. We visited the Fatsel Factory in Switzerland, the rope of the second stage of the ski resort. Together with our district governor, together with the members of the Provincial Assembly, with technical friends, they have already started on the 7th of the month. They finished the rope on the 14th of December. ”

Expressing that the rope started from Switzerland, Mayor Toksoy said, “I think it is now going through customs. We have met with our deputies. They will meet with our Minister of Customs and ensure that they pass quickly. And I guess the rope comes here in two days. After the rope comes, you know, there is a winding of a joint here. At that point, the technical staff coming from the factory in Switzerland says that he will complete the rope in a week. All of our parts about the other station have arrived. Their assembly from the factory in Izmir is done on one side. Shooting will be done when the rope comes from one side. and I guess our second stage facility will be ready, like the end of the first week of January. We will make the opening, I hope it will snow until that date. ”

Underlining that artificial snowing is inevitable, Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy said, “There is a little lack of snow on the tracks but we need to eliminate the lack of snow with artificial snow in the coming years. Now we have seen it. Artificial snow is essential to open the season one month early. Certainly, artificial snowing is now inevitable for a runway in the second stage. His allowance is waiting at the governor's office. 2 million TL. came last year. We will do his work. We will now hold a Snow Games Festival between the 15th and 17th of January after the second stage is completed in this new season. It will be very comprehensive at the festival. There will be ofroad races. There will be sled races. Besides, we will bring artists. Maybe we will bring the lovers. Here is secure and that it is ready Our ski resort in Sarikamis, all of Turkey announced that it will ever be a problem, "he said.

After Switzerland, the Mayor emphasized that the world's most beautiful crystal wife Sarikamish oil Göksal Toksoy, Crystal wife and Scots pine trees with Sarıkamış ski resort of Turkey's longest and President Toksoy pointed out that the safest ski center, said: "You know, Our ski center in Sarıkamış is always assertive. The most beautiful wife of the world falls to Sarıkamış. We visited ski resorts in Switzerland and saw them. It's snowing like them here. all ski lovers in Turkey, we expect to Sarikamish since the first week of January. We prepared a nice environment for them. We will prepare our tracks. We will prepare our facility. and we will provide nice enjoyable ski slides. ”

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