Russia crisis helped other holidaymakers

📩 24/11/2018 14:33

Create other holidaymakers to the Russian crisis: Turkey's famous ski resort of Uludag, Russian tourists do not come up before. Tourismers are trying to attract customers from Arabia and Iran to 5 bin bed facilities by lowering the cost of accommodation

There are 5 hotels and guesthouses with a total bed capacity of 30. Christmas preparations in Turkey's Bursa-Uludag ski resorts continues. Hotels in while there was a feverish activity, the crisis between Turkey and Russia both domestic and abroad to create the future of other vacationers.

Turkey Travel Agencies Association talked about working on the Uludag (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Akkus, he said it was a minor annoyance xnumx'lik percent of Russian tourists in Uludag cake. Mehmet Akkuş stated that this gap will be closed with the decrease of prices and more customers coming from different countries, and 25 of Uludağ has been completed.

Price lowered

Expressing that there is a mobility with Russians in Uludag, Mehmet Akkuş said, eden With the crisis that started with the reduction of Russian aircraft and with the expanding crisis, there will be a decrease in the number of Russian tourists coming to Uludağ. Reservations received before the crisis was canceled. But we're going to get over 25 with this new work. With the cooperation of hotels and agencies, the prices have made it more convenient than the previous years. We expect new customers from the Arabs and the Middle East with the campaigns launched. Preparations are also underway in Uludağ for New Year's Eve. Agents prepared package programs for Christmas. Among them, there will be lots of entertainment from animation shows to famous artists. Bunlar

Is snowfall delayed?

Mehmet Akkuş, who stated that with the global warming, the early start of the snow and the early removal from the place affected the winter tourism, yer We should pay much attention to global warming. Due to this warming, the snow season starts late and ends early. Especially holidaymakers and tourism agencies, I recommend to book early. According to the weather forecast of meteorology and experts; snowfall this year may be later than last years and will be removed from the ground earlier, sene he said.

Tourism Summit

Turkey Travel Agencies Union as they endeavored to introduce Bursa expressing Akkus, "We are trying to increase the tourism potential in Bursa. We are struggling to have the most beautiful places of tourism in Bursa. Next week's 2. We will gather Bursa Tourism Summit. At least 4 will be a program we hope to join the minister. From tour operators to professional groups, Bursa will be a summit. In Uludağ, we will be able to speak up to our hot springs. This meeting is very important especially for Bursa Bu.