Rizenin Ropeway Project is coming to an end

Rize's Cable Car Project is about to come to an end: The feasibility studies of the ropeway project, which is planned to take place from Rize beach to Dağbaşı area, are made by the ropeway experts from Rize.

In the project of the ropeway, which is expected to contribute significantly to the tourism of Rize and will enable the citizens to reach the social facilities located in the upper parts of the resting city, within the scope of the expropriation work, the 30 acres of the area were left only by the owners of the area like 5.

In the expropriation activities, researches are carried out by the cable car experts who come to Rize about the location of the feet of the ropeway project, the number of passengers, the number of passenger wagons and how many feet.

Rize Municipality Mayor Prof. Rize, who took information from the technical team about the last point reached in the ropeway project and participated in the examinations made at the coastal point of the project. Dr. Reşat Kasap explained the stage of the project and made statements.

President Kasap said in his statement: T When I was assigned to the Teleferik Project which is one of the important projects of Rize, which was thought in the previous period, 30 was considered to be an area of ​​acres and some part of the project was expropriated. In the time period I started to work as mayor, we continued the expropriation process. Within the framework of the ropeway project, which should be completed one year ago, the court process of the land, such as 15 and 30, is going on when some of our land owners have land in the 4 acre area. Hopefully, this judicial process will be completed in a short time.

As Rize Municipality, we continue our work on the technical infrastructure of the project. Starting from the coast, we will work on the area of ​​the cable car project, which will be called as Dağbasi mefkii, where we will have the connection feet, how many passengers per hour, the number of passenger cabins and how many footsteps will occur. The ropeway project, which is planned to be built at Rize coast, is being extended to the area we consider Proj Bite City Forest and Recreation Area Mes. Thus, we aim to bring our people to areas where they can rest away from the city. In addition, we are planning to give place to our social facilities at the foot of our project Ayrıca

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