Retired Officer Founded By Tram Street

Retired Astsubay Asli Kusurlu Founded in Antalya: retired petty officer Mehmet Ali Kılınç (62) was killed by an urban tram. Forensic medicine has declared the victim an original flaw. The court also gave the 1 8 month imprisonment in Xmas XB for a penalty of 12 thousand pounds.

4 2014 was beaten by the tram on March 62 in Antaya. Antalya 28 taking into account the report of the accident in which the image is recorded. The Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced 1 to imprisonment in 8 for a year of imprisonment. 20 fined 12 thousand liras for a penalty. The fine was divided into 24 equal (500 pounds per month). The court also decided that there was no need for the homeland to get back the driving license and ban the profession.


Happy Kılınç'un son of the victim Mehmet Ali Kılınç (38), who said the decision of the court concerns all pedestrians in Antalya, his father stressed that the tram way for entry into the tramway, but not for arbitrary purposes. Kılınç stated that the current tram line is located in the city and there are no applications to ensure the safety of the pedestrians on the route. There is no single security measure on the tram line that will ensure pedestrian safety. Nevertheless, the deceased can be declared as principal. Buna


Kılınç stated that his father stayed in the intensive care unit for 10 days after the accident and added: However I found the 2 witness by wandering through the door door where the win was. I've proven that your footage is not a warning, it is late braking. These are already present on the tramway camera images. In spite of these data, the punishment made us feel bad. The court gave the 2 year penalty and then made a good discount. 12 thousand pounds as the price of death has set, X he said.


Kılınç emphasized that even the driver's license was not taken, and said: ini In the report prepared by the Istanbul Traffic Specialization Office, hazır for the homeland, as if the defendant effectively controls the road and its surroundings, he will see the victim in advance and will receive a timely response to the warning. It is understood that may prevent the accident 'statements are being used. Despite this, the given penalty is obvious. Moreover, the other party has appealed this decision. Now we look forward to finding a result. Şimdi

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