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TCDD Communication Line
TCDD Communication Line

Legislative arrangement for Kanal Istanbul, restructuring for TCDD: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the minimum wage in the AK Party's declaration of election, the staff to the contract worker, gave the date to the tradesman to realize the promises of interest-free loans. Davutoglu says the channel will be in 6 month for Channel Istanbul

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that all of the promises made in his party's election declaration will be implemented within 3 months, while the implementation times of the reform packages were 3 months, 6 months and 1 years. Davutoglu; the minimum wage, the staff to the subcontractor, interest-free credit to tradesmen, resetting the general health insurance premiums of young people, the channel like the Istanbul project and announced the calendar of realization of reforms one by one.

Davutoglu promised to implement the 10 title in the Action Plan in a week, and listed this 10 article as follows:

  1. We issue a decision of the Council of Ministers on the implementation of the action plan.
  2. We are a reform group with the board of coordination and monitoring of reforms.
  3. We will provide cash support for our young people up to 50 thousand liras. 24 We will take the first step of this arrangement at the Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony to be held on December Thursday.
  4. We are initiating the interest-free loan process up to 100 thousand liras.
  5. With the decision we signed without waiting for a week, the scholarship and credit amount of 350 TL taken by the undergraduate students were increased to 400 liras.
  6. Starting the dowry account application, we start to provide support at the rate of 20 of the money accumulated in the dowry account.
  7. The tradesman will be given 30 thousand pounds of interest-free credit support.
  8. All decisions regarding the arrangements for supporting the fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and medical, medicinal aromatic plant breeder farmers, whose size is under five acres, will also be issued.
  9. Interest-free credit support will start for farmers to modernize greenhouses.
  10. The price of greenhouses will be introduced instead of the price of water for irrigation water.

Minimum wage 1300 TL

Here are some of the promises announced by Davutoglu in the 3 month:
The minimum wage will be 1300 lira. Arrangements will be made that will not weaken the competitiveness of our employers while carrying out this arrangement for workers. The burden on SMEs will be reduced.

Pensioners will be provided with additional 1200 liras annually.

  • Social security support premium deducted from working pensioners will be deducted.
  • Those who receive an 65 pension will live their next year's salary.
  • Housing account application will be started.
  • The period of free leave due to birth period will be evaluated in the civil service seniority.
  • Employee rights and rights related to birth will be strengthened.
  • Working women will be provided with 2 months in the first child, 4 months in the second child, 6 months in the third child and full paid work in the month.

GSS forgiveness to youth

Provided that urban transformation will be done, electricity and water will be connected to unauthorized structures. However, abuse will not be allowed.

  • Documentary, series and films of historical heroes will be supported. The production of computer games will be encouraged.
  • Taxes from the trades which are taxed in a simple way will not be taxed until 8 thousand liras.
  • The fees of young people who find work for the first time will pay the state during the 1 year.
  • Young people's general health insurance premium debts will be reset.
  • Young people who set up a new business will not be taxed 3 year.
  • VAT will be removed in feed and fertilizer.

Reduce the bureaucracy

The reforms to be carried out in the 6 month were announced in the fields of democratization, justice, economy, public and education. These reforms are as follows:

  1. Pricing and licensing of domestic drugs in health will be improved.
  2. Tax declarations and social security statements will be merged.
  3. TCDD will be reconfigured.
  4. The channel will be regulated for Istanbul.
  5. Reduction of bureaucracy in investments.
  6. Establishment and liquidation of the company will be facilitated.
  7. Islamic finance to be developed.

Severance pay on the table

According to the Prime Minister's statements, the reforms to be carried out in the 3 monthly process are as follows:

  • Public share will be taken from the increase in value from the zoning changes.
  • Arrangements will be made to provide flexibility to the working life.
  • The table will be held by all parties for severance pay.
  • Subcontractors working in real jobs will be recruited.
  • Istanbul Arbitration Center will be implemented.

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