Rail system real estate prices are affected by 100

Rail system affects real estate prices by 100 percent: Rail systems in the form of metro, tram and marmaray, which are implemented with the aim of facilitating and accelerating transportation in Istanbul, directly affect the housing prices.

The 20-kilometer-long Üsküdar - Sancaktepe metro, planned to open in the middle of next year, has increased its house prices by 2 times in the sancaktepe region before it is put into service.

Turkey exceeds industrial development banks (TSKB) real estate appraisal and administrative situation in the state development director Ozge mind is, in Istanbul found sharing the results of the reports prepared for the impact on the housing market of the rail system.

Mentioning that rail systems are very important especially in Istanbul-style travel and transportation dreams, in metropolises that always need every kind of projects, the access time between 2 locations with the increasing population is reached with each passing day, despite the fact that communication is provided by road to every point of Istanbul. He declared that he had increased.

Aklar emphasized that the increase in road traffic especially in the entrance and exit times makes transportation in the city very difficult, and that the people living in the city are trying to reach their work areas without being exposed to any traffic, and that they find the simplest travel and transportation route in this system.

For this reason, underlining that the locations not far from rail systems are preferred, especially in residential and office investments, the ments said, “When looking at the general market, real estate prices increase especially as we get closer to the stops of the rail systems. The proximity to these stops on the side of this situation increases the sales ability and provides a speedy marketing process ”.

'Even projects that are not in service increase the price'

Aklar emphasized that the metro and tram lines, which have been put into service in Istanbul, especially marmaray, have increased the house sales prices and rental fees in an obvious position, and that even rail systems that do not enter into service at the moment but start the construction affect the housing prices in a serious situation.

It was put into service on the Anatolian side in 2012 and is the first metro of the region. Kadıköy - The striking minds of the Kartal metro line brought to mind that with this metro line, a brand new travel and transportation alternative was provided to the region, and with this effect, up to 40 percent increase in the metro axis.

'Up to 100 percent increase'

Aklar reminded that it was declared by the authorities that the Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe metro line, the foundation of which was laid on June 6, 2012, is planned to be completed in the middle of next year.

Özge aklar used the following words about the effect of the metro operation on the housing prices

“Before the Üsküdar - Sancaktepe metro was opened, an increase of up to 100 percent in the residences was observed in sancaktepe, which has become a region preferred by branded housing developers. Flat price values ​​of about 1 - 500 TL per square meter are now in the unit price range of 2 - 000 TL. Due to the fact that the prices in the region are not high, the first price increases were realized at high rates and the transportation is supported with the metro line, and the increase in prices is expected to continue due to such reasons. "

'The effect of the Eurasia tunnel will also be felt'

Aklar stated that the values ​​will increase further in the Göztepe region, which will become a central transfer point with the Eurasia tunnel project, which is planned to be put into service in August 2017 as well as the side of the metro lines, and will cross the Istanbul Strait by road tube passage.

The flows, which have changed the face of urban transformation with its urban transformation, and that there is a 30 percent increase in the location of goztepe, which is a highly preferred region with its travel and transportation facilities, has increased the value of each day with the completion of the travel and transportation infrastructure. added that it will continue.

'Rail system affects 100 percent of prices'

Nizameddin aşa, the owner of the presidency of the Istanbul real estate brokers and consultants chamber, explains that the rail systems to Istanbul have a 100 percent impact on the housing prices. Kadıköy - Eagle stated that it is a subway.

Eagle - Kadıköy Stating that the house prices on the subway route doubled within the period when the subway was opened, aşa said, “Prices increased more especially in the north of e - 5. The region from Göztepe to Kartal. The prices were cheap in places like Atasehir, Kaykidagi. The increase started a year before the subway opened, and it reached 2 percent in 100 years, but there is also the effect that the house prices were cheaper before. ”

'house price values ​​have increased from 90 to 000 lira'

Aşa also reminded that there was a house for 80 - 90 liras in this area before the subway was opened, and that there is currently no house for prices not higher than 000 liras.

Nizameddin aşa said, “Even the metro rumor was enough in sancaktepe. it was already a developing region here. Here, too, the land has been reduced to almost none. This situation has an impact on the price increase ”.

Stating that Marmaray had no effect on housing prices as much as rail systems, Asha said, “In these regions the settlement was already old. For this reason, it did not affect excessively, but the highest increase occurred in Üsküdar ”.

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