Graduated Ladies Appointment

📩 29/11/2018 20:02

Rail Systems Division of Graduate Women Assignment Asks: Erzincan and all over Turkey Transportation Services Rail System is a graduate of the ladies to be done for the next intake of women staying for assignment just could not help unemployed from the department where they have for years tried to make their voices heard.

Erzincan and all Rail women who graduated from the systems department at the time, took his years of training in Turkey, labor and after finishing the school they hope the island in professions where they are aiming to have a job is less likely to be assigned and the unemployed they had remained exposed for failing to take the assignment. Although the graduates of rail systems have completed their university education in addition to vocational schools, they have been unemployed for years. Students who graduate from the Rail Systems department, who have received vocational training, have been trained in the locomotives and wagons in order to carry out their profession.

Female students who are graduates of Rail Systems department are trying to make their voices heard so as not to be exposed to their friends who are unemployed and who are currently reading the same department. Support from the relevant authorities, especially the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binalı Yıldırım and the students waiting for a solution, tried to make their voices heard by Erzincan Train Station.

Rail Systems graduate women, the unemployed remaining friends with Rail Systems section and receive their diplomas awarded by completing their education (TCDD), the Republic of Turkey State Railways Garan Erzincan the road they want to appoint stating their grievances being collected.

Sevilay Kutay, a graduate of the Rail Systems Department who made a statement on behalf of the group, called for the appointment of the next purchase to the ladies on the behalf of all the women friends who were unemployed. Uy Transportation Management I am the first female graduate of 2009. When we chose the department, we were recruited to the department without the distinction of female male. 4 year high school followed 2 year university and many ladies graduated my friend this way. There was no discrimination between male and female. In the interviews alone, all the women were found inadequate and were eliminated. This section is not suitable for us. Only the high schools and universities still continue to make purchases. In addition, we have the right to a single choice as the residence conditions are placed in the preferences and this gives us a great disadvantage. As female graduates, we want TCDD to open a staff for women. In Turkey, we have approximately 200 as our friend. She's a victim, like we are. Although we have graduated from Rail Systems, we all have to work in the private sector. When we ask the authorities, we take the answer that train work is not a job for the lady. After that, we demand the opening of the staff for the first purchase. Bundan

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